Fender American Stratocaster

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Is Fender American Standard Stratocaster Worth the buy?

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Fender American Stratocaster

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:36 pm

American Stratocaster. The picture most people get when thinking of a guitar. It is played by many well respected guitarists, Jazz to metal, so it must be a very well constructed guitar. I believe this is very true, the Strat made in America is no more unique than any other guitar, but the quality changes everything. There is a choice of Rosewood Fret Board (Brown-Black) or maple (Tan-White) and many different colors of the body. There are many qualities the American Strat has over the Mexican brand. The tremolo bar for instance has two larger placed bolts holding the bridge to the guitar instead of Six on the Non-American brand. This provides easier control of the bar and better tuning hold. That being the strings are properly put in place and the Tremolo bar is correctly installed. The playability of this guitar is mostly flawless, but I will not lie will take getting used to. I have played on Gibson bodies before this and the playing style is different, but not hard to do. Through the evolution process of changing from Les Paul to Stracoster I have learned that there is much more playing room on the guitar because the body allows the player to have access to all the frets available without having to change the position of their arm. Another advantage of playability on the guitar is the neck which is very smooth and thin. This gives the player the advantage of being able to play fast, precise, and comfortably. The sound of this guitar could seem bad to certain picky metal loving people, for it has single coil fender pickups which are most suitable to overdrive and clean channels. I believe that the sound fits most genre layouts, but for distortion snobs this can be fixed by using pedals or pedal boards. Another way to achieve great sound for anything heavier than light distortion can be done by replacing the fender pickups with EMG pickups that fit the fenders single pickup style. My general opinion is that this guitar is a must have in anyones guitar collection. I know very few people that would disagree with me, but entirely because of the fact that they prefer Whammy Bars with more range.

-22 fret neck
-Fender Single Coil Pickups
-Rosewood and Maple Neck
-Many Color Options
-- See color options

Price Starting At 999.99$


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